In spring 2011 we had the honour of filming Alden & Steve's wedding ( here in British Columbia, and the privilege of working with Isabella and Jaime of Florabella Weddings. That video was our best of 2011, and I believe this is our best of 2012. Kristin and Scott's wedding was beautiful and they and their friends were very welcoming, as well as fascinating to capture on video.

The wedding took place on Chebeague Island in Maine. One of the island's two main attributes is its isolation. I remember from my childhood that in certain regions, people would wave to motorists passing by. And would not lock their doors. This still happens on Chebeague Island. It's a small town; really a tiny town, and a great place to unplug. You won't get much reception anyway. The nights are completely silent, with a pristine, star-filled sky.

The other great attribute of the island is the Inn. The Chebeague Island Inn is a place of serenity and casual beauty. Perched overlooking the Casco Bay, serving a compact and delicious menu, and residing in a century old building it's a wonderful place to go and be reminded of how life used to be.

It's a wonderful place to get married, too! I think the video is the best evidence of that; it's a magical setting, with a gorgeous sunset every evening. A massive tent was constructed next to the building, which likewise was breathtaking and just ideal for this event. Suffice it to say that it was imagery overload for us, and that I was a kid in a candy store selecting shots for this video.

It was lovely to work with Liz Banfield again! We had a food supply issue on the island, after the rehearsal dinner on Diamond Island, but she and her resourceful assistant Maribeth drove to the grocery store and picked up pancake mix. It was a special experience being made pancakes by Liz Banfield: a slice of Americana!

And a shout out to Pippa, our newscaster. We weren't sure what she was saying 100% of the time, but we assume she knows what she's talking about and present her comments to you here.

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