All Martial Arts & Combat Systems like Chinese Kung Fu, Karate, Jiu Jitsu, Krav Maga etc are great options to learn self defence, other than teaching you effective self defence techniques they help you foster Self Discipline, Self Confidence, Built Fitness & Positive Attitudes. The only short coming is you need to spent time in the Gym or Dojo practicing them.

If you Currently Cannot afford the time & effort to learn Martial Arts. You can learn some Basic Pier Boxing (码头拳) Combat Techniques from the Self Defence Articles & Tutorial Videos in our website

Pier Boxing (码头拳) is one of the Simplest Street Survival System available, as it was was developed from mainly Basic Chinese Sanshou mixed with combat moves used by illiterate pier workers in Singapore around 150 years ago.

Pier Boxing have a few levels, the basic levels will be offered Free for all to learn via Tutorial Videos in our website. The moves taught in the Pier Boxing Basic Level videos are meant for everyday individuals Without any former martial arts training as their Last Ditch Attempts to save themselves in a deadly attack. Hence, it put a great emphasis on survival tactics to escape from a fight or deadly attack, its combat techniques are direct, simple to learn & remember, depending largely on human instinct & reaction speed. Its Tactics & Techniques are constantly adapting along with time and the needs of the masses. Upon learning the moves in the videos, viewers are Highly Encouraged to find time to formally learn martial arts. As when it come to self preservation, there is no such thing as over preparing.

Pier Boxing is currently only taught through FREE Online Videos & Articles. We have yet to conduct any lessons.

Pier Boxing Official Website :

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