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"Glitch"- Brian Eno- Video by Elliot Witheart
Buy album ("Drums between the bells" at itunes or somewhere else, great album)

There is a glitch in the system
Outside the brain flow
Armoured shells melt down
Explode in the main code
Seiged by the blind mass
They won't stop the chain grow
Numbers grow numbers
Working ants or quantum fires
Will flow on regardless
Of each abandoned carcas
The only joy there is - is search onward through the darkness
Edict states the lights go out
Learn to fight the nightfall
Work will lead to comfort
Comfort lives a lifetime
But death is not an ending
It's a place to search the light with
Light in universal terms
Cells out on the great grid
Numbers growing numbers
Working ants, quantum fires
Morph from the energy
Abandoned by each carcas
The greatest joy there is - is onward search through the darkness

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