Hi everyone,

thx for listening to the original pulpo sounds.

this is my first video recorded with guitar rig 3. I bought this gadget some months ago and I just cant get bored experimenting with it. Either I mix my own sounds or just improvising with the existing presets, I can spend hours playing with it. Most of my friends who came up to me just check it whether it is as brilliant as I told them, also cant resist playing with it for hours. So if youre looking for new sounds this is the thing what you need ☺

I play my own stuff in this video (some themes from my pulpo audio library) :
1st theme - abyss
2nd theme - 2strings
3rd theme piston
4th theme dawn on the rooftops

pulpo on myspace:
„pulpo is my current music project which has similar sounds as noton, our previous live project with János Bíró (he also played on bass in Képzeletcsapongások). So it's an experiment with an ordinary guitar to get extraordinary sounds using guitar rig 3. All of my themes are quite simple in a way and have a pulsing rhydm basis which suggest me not to use any drum patterns for backing. But well see what the future brings ushere in underwater anything may happen

my setup in this video:
ibanez ex series (with EMG-81)
guitar rig 3 kontrol edition
macbook 2.16 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo

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