WHAT ABOUT ME !?! (work-in-progress)
Choreographer: Michael Watts
Performer: Michael Watts
Promo music: Golmund
Duration: approx 50min
Project Supported by: Royal Conservatory Antwerp

***This is not a finished product, it is the result of 22hrs of studio time. Ideas are still being researched and developed. This video is from a structured presentation of ideas that were tested and improvised for the 1st time as a way to create live, with audience interaction. Michael is looking to participate in residencies to develop the work and eventually premiere. ***

Eros (Cupid), the god of love, passion, and sexual desire spends his days bringing lovers together, and yet as an old man having given up his angel wings, he finds himself alone, drunk, and fantasizing about his greatest desire to meet his soul-mate. Why was he forgotten? “WHAT ABOUT ME !?!” is a physical theatre piece, that carries us through a storyline of memories from Cupid’s inner world of emotions and physical sensations that we all experience as humans when we struggle with being alone, and suffer the illusion of “loneliness”. We often fantasize about the ideal mate, and yet must live with the self inflicted pain of reality. Despite the false sense of sadness and rejection, we instinctively desire to meet a lover. Most of these feelings come from our inner child’s narcissistic need for love and affection that stems from our loss of innocence. The mind and inner dialogue can often bring us into dark caverns of thought (anger, confusion) and crippling physical turmoil. This sadness is often soothed by blankets of hope, bringing light into the fear of this false sense of isolation.

MICHAEL WATTS is an international dance artist, and movement teacher from Canada. He grew up in the province of Quebec playing soccer at a very competitive level, and competing in Europe. His interest for dance came in the electronic music and club scene. In 2005 at the age of 26, Michael started dance training in Toronto and quickly moved to Montreal where he embarked on an informal and independent dance training through local professional workshops and classes. His raw, physical, explosive, animalistic dance qualities and natural instinct for performance and movement led him to meeting choreographer Dave St.Pierre. Shortly after their meeting in 2008 he was hired for ''La Pornographie des Âmes'', and ''Un Peu de Tendresse, Bordel de Merde'', as well as collaborating in the creation of the final work “Foudre” for the trilogy ''Sociologie et Autres Utopie Contemporaine'', giving him the opportunity to perform on stages throughout most of Europe and Eastern Canada. Since January 2012, Michael has been performing internationally in Puz/zle for Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui. Through Eastman-Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui he also helped with movement research for Cirque du Soleil’s “Michael Jackson - One". He’s featured in Sprawl II music video by Grammy Award winning, Arcade Fire, choreographed by Dana Gingras. He is also part of the new creation for T.r.a.s.h. Performance/Dance Group (Tilburg) called "Agnes and Ekel" vimeo.com/74635375. Aside from performing, he continues to teach workshops and is a guest movement teacher at the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp (Belgium), and the National Circus School of Canada, in Montreal.

His personal projects involve a solo called “WHAT ABOUT ME !?!” (vimeo.com/56070642), which was performed in August 2012 at La Caldera in Barcelona, (Spain) during the Graçia Festival. In November 2012 Michael was invited to participate as a guest choreographer in an annual week-long creation and exploration period with the students at the National Circus School of Canada. The NCS has since asked him to return as a director for the student end of year show in 2014, which will be presented at La TOHU.

Michael also works along side Jules de Niverville, a photographer and videographer from Montreal, and both are a part of the creative group called MSFTS Productions

Agnes and Ekel Premiere
"However, when the performance even briefly threatens to become top-heavy, newcomer Michael Watts takes the audience as an accomplished court fool into his world of airy madness. Within ten seconds he has won the whole venue over and provides the much needed air opposed to the physical violence that the other performers show the entire performance. Thus, again and again pain is softened without weakening the performance. In recent years the internationally renowned dance group seemed somewhat adrift, looking for a new identity. This resulted in a number of unbalanced performances. But that spell is definitely broken. The ensemble doesn't yet completelly reveal what it's truly thinking, but T.r.a.s.h. is back on the road to the top" - Joris van Laak
Brabants Dagblad, Friday October 4, 2013.

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