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If you're getting liked, followed, re-tweeted but not getting enough referrals, leads and sales, here's how to make social media SELL for you. One of the best social media selling techniques is to solve customers problems,

Use social media to help customers reach a GOAL FASTER, do something important BETTER, LEARN a needed skill or AVOID an UNSEEN risk. Instead of focusing on the technical stuff or getting followed or building a fan base give your customers CONFIDENCE. Confidence that they CAN have whatever it is they want—and that YOU can help them get there. And not through your product or service. First, PROVE it to them through a free educational video or podcast series. Give them what they expect. Because if you do prospects will often ask YOU for the sale. If you don't your competitors will.

THAT is how to make social media sell for you and the best of all social media selling techniques.

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