Summary: Short film. Counterpoint. Puzzle.One subject. Two contrasting variants.

Counterpoint, in music, is the simultaneous sounding of 2 or more melodies. It is both cerebral and exhilarating at the same time.

Inspired by the works of the great J.S. Bach's Art of Fugue and The Musical Offering, I have tried to create a counterpoint - albeit a visual one.

It is highly unlikely that everything would be clear in one viewing, as the nature of the movie is such. After all, one has to listen to a fugue multiple times to actually appreciate it better.

Hence, as a viewer you might require multiple viewings to completely understand what this movie is about.It is a bit of a puzzle (I love puzzles) and I have dropped clues at various points in the movie to help the viewer uncover the storyline.


This movie has been shot with my wonderful new camera Sony alpha a57.

On a lighter note, barring the music, this short film is the result of long hours by a dedicated team consisting man! All the roles involved in the making of this film (yes, all!): the actors (plural), the director, the editor, the cinematographer etc. are played by one single person (me!).

Hence, please pardon the sloppiness in the film making - I am just pursuing this as a hobby!

I do not own the rights to the wonderful music used in this short film. The music tracks that have been credited in the film are as follows:

1. The Musical Offering by JS Bach performed by Jordi Savall
2. Art of Fugue, Contrapunctus I by JS Bach performed by Tetraktys String Quartet

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