Caption: The "Swedish forestry model" is highlighted as a success story and the Swedish forest industry has carefully spread the image of their products as environmentally sustainable.This is far from reality. Please watch our film to find out more.

Background of the project :
The film has been produced for the environmental organization "Skydda Skogen" (Protect the Forest).
My photographer colleague and friend Björn Olin and I produced this film during a few months in late 2012. Another friend, who is also part of our freelance network at Stora Essingen, Stockholm (where we all live), american James Greenfield enhanced the film by his fantastic voice over work.
To make this film we have been using some rather unusual photographic techniques: an unmanned minihelicopter with a camera on for aerial footage, a "rail crawler" for timelapse work (i.e a motorized dolly with adjustable width that runs on bridge railings etc.) and some other cool gear that we hope will help us in the future to make videos that stand out. Enjoy! //Peter Lydén,

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