Its always a pleasure working with one of my best friends, and I'm constantly inspired by his passion for written and spoken word. I'm glad that we've found a way to manifest our passions through this medium, and I look forward to all that lies ahead. Here's to getting up and doing something and acting upon that which we hold dear.
Directed by Kevin Guiang Paderes
Written and Performed by Chris King Wong
Music by Hector Espinoza
Starring Jessica Koh and Chris King Wong
Special Thanks to Johnny & Joseph Yacoub, Jason Douangsanith, & Andrew Le
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Someday, Written by Chris King Wong

To The Girl That I Will Someday Marry

Dear You,

My name is Chris
And I've been looking for you
Under park benches and tables
In every aisle of the grocery store
And sometimes
In my own backyard
I'm not very good at this

But really
I've been looking for you
In the morning sunrise
In the glow of the moon and stars
And everywhere in between

I've only dated once or twice
And I've always been told not to worry
That there are plenty of fish in the sea
But the thought of that terrifies me
Because what if
What if I can't find you
And I've always been told that it's not the end of the world
But what if it is
And what if tomorrow is my last
And what if I never get the chance to hold your hand
And what if I never get the chance to tell you that the way you stand in a room
Makes the sunlight a mere shadow
And what if nobody ever reads this letter and what if you're reading this already
And what if I told you
That I'm sitting in my room
Listening to Let's Get It On
And I'm staring blankly at my textbook
Wondering what college would be like
If we still had recess and naptime
If instead we were graded on what we thought we knew
If class didn't start until the sun went down
Just so we could study the stars
And to ace my final
All I would have to do
Is write about you

You see
I've been looking for you
In the middle of stand-still traffic
In between the pages of every empty photo album
In the still and silence of the night air
And sometimes
I fold my poems into paper airplanes
Throw them into the breeze
Hoping that the wind will fly them to your doorstep
Just to let you know
That I
Am thinking of you always

Because I've been looking for you
On the corners of empty streets
In the dry of the pouring rain
And I've only ever loved once or twice
Loved the way that I
Should have only been saving for you
And I'm sorry
Because I've been looking for you
At the bottom of every shot glass
In between the lips of so many different girls
And if I could take it all back
Just so I could give you every piece of me
That I've lost along the way
I would
And if I could promise you
That you are the only one I will ever call mine
I would
I would
But I can't

So just know
That when I finally find you
With all that I have left
I will love you the way a star is blanketed by the night sky
That I have stained ink into every touch of my fingertips
So that when I finally trace them along your skin
I will tattoo every part of my soul onto yours

I want you to whisper to me the rhythms of all your secrets
To feel the curves of your lips pressed fully against mine
I want your hair to fall over my face
Like curtains draping a room
A room meant only for us
And in those moments I will never, ever let you go
Because I want
And I need
All of you
So completely
That I can barely restrain my entire being
From running into the streets
Asking every girl that I see
If she is the one
If she will watch my hair fade to gray
Under the sun and stars of a million days and nights
And if she really is the love of my life
Why has it taken me so long
Just to see her face
If only for a moment
If only for a precious while

And I wrote this for you
Before I even knew your name
Just to let you know
That for twenty broken years
Have missed you

Dreaming of you always

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