Someone in our group of Qld Open Producers suggested it:

“Hey, let’s balance pineapples on our heads and take videos of it.”

And the rest of us agreed:


“I’m in”

“Great idea”

“I’ve got a pineapple dress I can wear”

I know, we’re an odd bunch; first there was the walk around Qld, then there was the pineapple balancing.

So, in our own unique styles, we balanced pineapples on our heads and took videos of ourselves doing it.

And while Brad Marsellos and I were doing our attempts on the bank of the Mary River in Bundaberg, Bill arrived and put us to shame.

So I dare you to get a little silly; take a pineapple and balance it on your head and take a video. It will make you feel good.

And if you do take up the challenge, send me the link, I want to see your skills!

Video Credit: Jo Joyce, ABC Open Producer, Sunshine Coast, Qld

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