The power the people of this planet have is our ability to come together and heal. We can do this by reading this book and going through the journey of healing the Collective Unconsciousness that has so much unacknowledged power over our lives.

Evolution's Hero is about harnessing human potential and the fundamental nature of quantum physics to consciously affect our mental and emotional energies, health, outlook and lives.

Evolution's Hero involves three mothers who learn that the forces of darkness have targeted their sons in a plot to deepen their hold on Humanity.

Fortunately, a hero rises who has become a super-healer. He helps to heal (in experiential detail) each mother, freeing them from their unconscious behaviors. The ultimate goal of their training is so they can enter into Humanity's Collective Unconsciousness to face the darkness that has infected us all.

Greed, Fear, Misery, Temptation and others have infected us from the inside out. These voices need to be silenced if we are to rise above our unconscious behaviors and create a better way of living.

Join us as we change the world, one reader at a time.

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