One model I never got the chance to do a shoot with, and what a shame. 'Skittles' was sweet and had a tight bod that would have gone down really nicely in a video project of mine. While we talked of it a few times, we lived far away from each other on opposite sides of Atlanta, so it simply never happened. Regrets are a bitch alright. She was fun to be around and there's just not enough like her, it seems.

Here are clips from the 2 times I did catch her, one at a club mid-way between us, and later at a party.

Music at the beginning was made from cut-and-pasting a few stock audio bits from my Mac together, and ends with an audio bit from some friends Stones Tribute Band doing their thing from a live shoot I did.
Shot on a Sony HDR-CX550V. Edited in iMovie '08.

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