Video credits:
Brad Cooper: director, cinematographer, video editor.
Alicia Drake: art direction, set design, wardrobe, hair, make-up.
Ave Rose: set design, wardrobe
Brandon Dishman: fx make-up
Paintings by Ken Dougherty
Ricky Smith: Gaffer
Song Credits:
Ave Rose - Vocals
Joseph Michael - Guitar
David Chamberlin - Piano, Percussion
Produced & Arranged By Joseph Michael
Mixed & Mastered By David Chamberlin
Cast :
Ave Rose as singer / Absinthe Spirit
Brandon Dishman as the devil playing the Saw U.
Joseph Michael on Guitar and David Chamberlin on piano. .
Absinthe bar patrons: Treiops Treyfid, Rannie Rodil, Gretchan Ingram, Seraphime Angelis, Atom Smith, Robert Rawlinson, Matthew Fling.

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