A small present from Krtek to you.

I put on my fake beard
and my fake uniform
that I wear once a year
because they pay me to
and it's not like i have
much else to do
just anything to get
my mind off of you
and perhaps even a single child's smile
could make this past year
feel worthwhile
but I'll probably just make them cry
walking towards the first address
my mind wanders to stop motion reindeers and snowmen walking in the air
until my body decides to remind me that I'm actually quite nervous
and i need to stop to sign the snow on the side of the road
hoping no one sees me

december etchings on my face
brought out by the wind
to mark the end of a year
december etchings on my face
the signs of twelve months
worth of mistakes
appearing just in time for the holidays
december etchings on my face

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