My Intro to 2D Art Final, Fall 2012.

"A young girl, 10-12 years old, is woken up from her sleep by a bright light in the shape of
a glowing orb outside of her window. She rubs her eyes and looks out the window, but the
light is gone.
Curious, she crawls out or bed and opens her first story window, where there is a balcony
leading out to a vast, open field. The wisp appears again, further out into the field. She
climbs over the balcony and follows the wisp, the moon shining vibrantly over the field.
She is led to a shrine nearby her house in the woods.
She stops about 10 fret away from the shrine, seeing a small fox staring up at her with 3
tails and bright, piercing eyes.
She and the fox have a bit of a staredown, both seemingly curious of the others' presence.
Upon a close-up of the fox's face, it gives a brief sneer, almost as if it is up to something
Thr fox stands up and begins to walk towards her until it is standing in front of her. She
reaches down to pet the fox.
Upon contact, a bright light engulfs her. She comes back into view wearing traditional
Japanese garb and a kitsune mask, and with her arm still outreached, the fox has vanished.
Her arm falls to her side, she is looking down at the ground. She raises her hands and
looks at them, somehow inferring that she is wondering what she's become. She then
touches her mask and she steps back quickly in shock.
'...I should never have followed that light.'"

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