Christmas Traditions and Christians

Christmas Traditions - Jim McClarty of Grace Christian Assembly
Some of the interesting questions that Jim Mc'Clarty brings up within the aduio and atemps to answer.What is Christ-Mass?
Why was it 200 years after Christ’s life on earth before “Christmas” was unofficially recognized as a holiday?
Why was it 500 years after Christ before it was officially recognized, by the Roman Catholic church nonetheless?
Why didn’t the Apostles, early church fathers, or the Puritans celebrate “Christmas”?
Why did the early American colonizers fight to keep Christmas from becoming an official holiday?
Why was Christmas not recognized by all American states and territories as a national holiday until 1907 when Oklahoma made it a legal holiday?
How does “Christmas” predate Christ?
What are the pagan and Catholic (popish) origins of Santa Claus (“Saint” Nicholas)?
Has he always been a jolly, fat guy on a sleigh?
What pagan gods are associated with this pagan holiday, and how have they influenced the modern practice of celebrating Christmas?
Where did the Christmas tree come from, and how about gifts left under the tree?

Christmas Traditions - Jim McClarty of Grace Christian Assembly (AUDIO MP3)

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Christmas/Nimrod/360 Day Year

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