December, 21 -- 2012
The Italian Artist will re-affirm and confirm her worldwide success thanks to the collaboration with Cirque du Soleil and its founder Guy Laliberté.

From a year now Rabarama focused on the creation of a series of works for the American market and on others (including some monumental sculptures) commissioned by Guy Laliberté (great collector of contemporary art and of Rabarama artworks too) for Nukutepipi island in French Polynesia, his property, which will become an '"Island of Art".

In March 2013 there will be a momentous event in Las Vegas starring Rabarama: Cirque du Soleil is setting up a show inspired by her art and will present a sculpture of the Artist which will be auctioned for charity purposes (for the organization One Drop -

These commitments, revealed in an exclusive television interview at Vecchiato Art Galleries (Rabarama's representing gallery) on December, 21 -- 2012, explain the rarity of new works by Rabarama in the world of art collecting in recent months.

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