The All-timate process begins when our crew arrives at your home.
Upon arrival, our project leader conducts a team meeting, surveys your roof and the materials and then strategizes how they will begin the project.
The next step is simple, but very important: tarping the areas around your home. This is important because it protects your home from falling debris and prevents the driveway and surrounding areas from being damaged.
Once the areas around your home have been protected, our crew will begin the roofing process. Safety is the number one priority during our projects and that’s why our workers are always harnessed.
The first step in the roofing process is removing the current shingles on your home. Our crew does this in a quick and efficient manner that insures that your roof will not be damaged.
Our crew then lays (insert name of black material here) to give your roof an extra layer of protection.
The next step in the roofing process is installing the new shingles. We use (insert name of shingles here) to make sure that your roof will not only look good, but withstand the test of time.
During all of this our crew is cleaning the working areas around your home. Not only does this make the progression of the project faster, but it also aids in making the outside of your home a safe environment during the roofing process.
Once the new shingles have been installed, our project leader will then meet with the homeowner to show them the finished product.
The All-timate process will help bring your home back to life and will leave you with a quality product that will protect you for years. And remember that when you trust All-timate Exteriors, your roof and home is in good hands.

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