Shot with the intimacy of a video diary, yet stylized with the artificiality of Sci-Fi cinema, Earthling (w/sound design by Ryan Granger) decontextualizes domestic footage into a fabled portrait of a fictional, yet seamlessly naturalistic man whose bisexual desires arise with ballistic impetus.. The work follows a series of diary entries that reveal the confused psychology of its protagonist and his repressed sexuality. Bastardizing conventions of Sci-Fi cinema at the service of a handheld video diary, Earthling explores the "alienness" within the protagonist's psyche. The work problematizes the truth-value associated with video by blending perverse fantasies with autobiographical banality.

Original Duration: 8:12min

This work is part of The Liar, an on going series of automatic videos blending autobiographical banality and perverse fiction often delivered in the form of bastardized video diaries. The videos in this series follow a limited set of rules: 1) they must be filmed spontaneously, 2) follow a stream of consciousness narrative, 3) pervert the notion of autobiography

Diego Ramirez © 2013

Original Duration: 8:12min

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