public |ˈpəblik|
1 of or concerning the people as a whole : public concern | public affairs.
• open to or shared by all the people of an area or country : a public library.
ordinary people in general; the community : the library is open to the public | the public has made an informed choice.
• [with adj. ] a section of the community having a particular interest or connection : the reading public.
• ( one's public) the people who watch or are interested in an artist, writer, or performer : some famous last words to give my public.
go public 1 become a public company. 2 reveal details about a previously private concern : Bates went public with the news at a press conference.
in public in view of other people; when others are present : men don't cry in public.
the public eye the state of being known or of interest to people in general, esp. through the media : the pressures of being constantly in the public eye.

broadcast |ˈbrôdˌkast|
verb ( past -cast or -casted ; past part. -cast or -casted) [ trans. ]
1 (often be broadcast) transmit (a program or some information) by radio or television : the announcement was broadcast live | [as n. ] ( broadcasting) the 1920s saw the dawn of broadcasting.
• [ intrans. ] take part in a radio or television transmission : the station broadcasts 24 hours a day.
• tell (something) to many people; make widely known : we don't want to broadcast our unhappiness to the world.
2 scatter (seeds) by hand or machine rather than placing in drills or rows. See note at scatter .
a radio or television program or transmission.
The revolution will be televised first here on : facebook.com/Codename459

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