I cut down Detour from 68' to 5'49'' for the 90to5 Editing Challenge (90to5.org).

Director: Edgar G. Ullmer
Editor: George McGuire
90to5 editor : Pablo Hernández

Plot summary (written by Rod Crawford):
In flashback, New York nightclub pianist Al Roberts hitchhikes to Hollywood to join his girl Sue. On a rainy night, the sleazy gambler he’s riding with mysteriously dies; afraid of the police, Roberts takes the man’s identity. But thanks to a blackmailing dame, Roberts’ every move plunges him deeper into trouble…

What about my other edit for the 90to5? I also cut down Hiroshima mon amour. You can watch it here: vimeo.com/52277859

And if you're a truly moviegoer, you should visit my blog entry where I dissect the edit and talk about some decisions I took: editorunderconstruction.blogspot.com.es/2012/09/detour-90-to-5-editng-challenge.html

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