Here is the wedding of the couple who truly captured our eyes and hearts from our first meeting onwards; the couple that is truly perfect for each other… They are truly like angels! Besides the fact that they are both good looking, they are also kind and easy to be with.

They were so sweet to each other. We could still recall when they were sharing their love story to us. They often stared at each other’s eyes, and Alvin was holding Jenny’s hand the whole time. For us, it was a sign of how truly sincere Alvin’s love for Jenny is :)

They were classmates in college… they also became the muse and the escort of their department, though they were not close at that time. They separated ways for about 9 years after their graduation and met again in their school’s reunion. They became friends on Facebook and started to exchange private messages. It took Alvin some time to get Jenny’s cell number, because she didn’t really go online too often. Once Alvin got the number, he gave her a call weekly at first… then it became daily :) Alvin was full of surprises! He loves sending her cards, flowers, and chocolates. The sweetest thing that Alvin did was giving Jenny a call and singing her lullaby until she falls asleep :) He eventually received her “Yes” at the time when they were at Balai, Indang.

They didn’t wait too long for this wedding to happen, as they are both at the right age and they knew perfectly that they wanted each other for the rest of their lives. Here it is… enjoy watching Alvin and Jenny tying the knot :)

They were truly delighted with everything that happened during their big day. Congratulations angels! We appreciate your kindness and thoughtfulness. You deserve this blissful wedding!

Took place at Phil Oasis and San Antonio de Padua, Silang, Cavite. By Team Freshminds

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