Network Engineers have to manage a lot of information. Products, technologies, textbooks, study notes and research material as well as new protocols and features. Just simple tasks like keeping product manuals handy for 40 or 50 products is a real problem.

How do you keep the information organised, referenced, accessible and useful ?

Your employer probably gives you second rate computing tools like MS Windows & Office but there are many other software tools that can do valuable and useful tasks for managing your knowledge resources.

That's what these screencasts are about.

In Part 1 I discuss how Apple Spotlight is not able to effectively search for files I've stored on my hard drive. This led to using HoudahSpot to locate files on my drive.

In Part 2, I talk about using DEVONthink as a knowledge management tool for storing PDF files, Text Files, Presentations and more. I cover the import of web pages and PDF files, plus using Groups and Tags to organise the data into useful chunks.

Also cover the management of writing projects and more by storing text files.

In Part 3, I'll describe how I use Markdown formatted text, combined with Folding Text and Marked Applications on Mac OSX to create focussed and targeted environment. I briefly refer to using MultiMarkdown Composer for long documents because it handles tables and document outlines better.

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