Throughout the filming of the short film Hold Up, the cast and crew had many laughs that never made it into the film. Here's a look at some of the funny moments behind the scenes.

Hold Up is a short film written and directed by Ash Blodgett, that takes a comedic look at the problems everyday people face during difficult economic times. It is the story of Bonnie {Marissa Skell}, an independent artist struggling to pay the bills, and Jim {Ryan Scott Self}, a dreamer stuck in a dead-end pawn shop job. Their paths intertwine when Bonnie's replica painting is mistaken as an original by Mahesh {Sid Veda}, a local convenience store owner. The story's theme echoes the idea of taking control of one's life by taking action, even extreme ones, and is inspired by the classic story of Bonnie and Clyde. Against all odds, the two characters manage to step forward toward their dreams of experiencing life to the fullest.

Written and Directed by: Ash Blodgett
Edited by: Ash Blodgett
Audio Mix: Bryce Poole

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