Saturday, January 22nd 2012 was a day of celebration! Almost 500 people came out to share their support for the workers at the Drakes Bay Oyster Farm.

The community of West Marin reacted to the decision by Secretary Salazar to evict the Drakes Bay Oyster Company by ... dancing! Like any community under pressure, residents jumped into action by initiating two campaigns to raise funds to help the 31 endangered workers, half of whom live at the oyster farm and to support the legal fund to challenge the Secretary's decision.

The Oyster Solstice!

Two major contributors to the physical, spiritual and mental health of West Marin are Donna Sheehan and Paul Reffell. They are the leaders of 4 non-profit organizations local non-profit organizations designed to bring health and harmony to the towns around the Tomales Bay and along the coast.

Soon after the decision, Donna & Paul organized a benefit dance, food and wine extravaganza that was attended by nearly 500 people to raise funds for the workers. Donations of food and drink were made by many local businesses.

Here are a few glimpses of the fabulous evening.

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