This is the 5 minutes long version of our artwork edited for Bassawards.
Client: Torunska Agenda Kulturalna ( Torun Cultural Agency)
Skyway is an annual light festival taking place in Torun, Poland which was the birthplace of the famous scientist Nicolaus Copernicus. The festival has a theme every year and all the artists create artworks related to that. The theme of this year was: " A star is born - starring Torun - the core of the star." We created a 3 dimensional vision of the core of the star. Our story is about the medieval Polish city of Torun where history is strongly connected to science. We created a symbolic machine dated back in the middle ages and improving time to time. This machine is the symbol of the real stars of the city: its people. Our creation is a time journey of this metaphoric machine which makes this city move just like a heart of a human body.
The original 3d projection mapping lasts nearly 6 minutes and was projected every night during the 5 nights of the festival and approximately 70.000 visitors enjoyed it live.
Music composed by Kostas Vatsos and

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