This is a new song of mine, accompanied by some new drawings.


Blame the lunacy
that comes over me
I was sold you see
long ago
And the bruise will be
how you'll remember me
but like everything
it will go

So let the feeling fade
like the man we made
made of things we saved
made of snow
Take the soul therein
take the skeleton
take the wreck I've been
let it go

The more you need it
the weakness deepens
I've been leaning
away from want
But I've seen the seabirds
flying seaward
all they need was
to know true north

Then the call went out
more a sigh than shout
more like dying while
the babe is born
Then the need was shot
I was seeing stars
and I stole your car
to be alone

Oh but now it's this
to the sound you're missing most
And see how it's growing
so silent so stoic
the storm folded into the stone
Oh somehow you knew it
like the ground intuits
every rise, every nuance
of plow
And the lie's in place
to keep them all away
til you can raise up your face
and be proud
be proud

Send a word or note
I can come back home
and in the land I love
I am known
Let me sleep and dream
like the serpentine
black and blue and a green
down below

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