The first browser-based game project that I designed with a partner, Tessa Verbruggen, for CS 679 at UW–Madison. I had an idea for a silly game that took place in a night club. The player character would attempt to charm lovers onto the dance floor while outmaneuvering rivals.

This class project had one strict requirement: a HTML canvas implementation of boids. From there, with a whole lot of creativity, that idea turned into "Disco Fever", starring none other than Boris Boid, International Man of Ladies.

Boris must swiftly navigate though a club filled with lovey-dovey Couples, jealous Drama Queens, and the free-loving Peacemaker. He can Charm those nearby into following to the dance floor, repel angry clubbers to give them the slip, or insult his pursuers to start an all-out brawl!

Though simple, this game was a delight to design around such an amusing concept—it's proof that aesthetics and gameplay design work together to make games fun!

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