I did this interview for Lifestream Church as a challenge to myself to try an interview & play with lighting. The church staff liked it so much that they used it as a promo for their actual retreat last fall. This is actually a shortened version (The original is over 6 minutes - just TOO long). To challenge myself editorially, I may try a 2 minute version sometime.

The video is composed of 3 separate videos edited together. I asked the same questions to each of them separately, then brought them together to discuss their answers. It made for some interesting banter - And I had almost an hour of video when I was done. Editing that down into 8 minutes, then 6 1/2, then less than 5 was very difficult for me personally: I thought I had so much good stuff to work with I didn't want to cut any of it.

The audio is recorded to a Yamaha LS9 digitally and matched to the video in post, manually (pain in the butt!).

Camera: Canon T1i with 18-55 & 55-250 lenses.

Song: Recipe For Love
Artist: Harry Connick, Jr
Album: We Are In Love

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