This is a trailer I made for The Avalonian's brilliant Merlin fanfic "The Patter of Tiny Feet on Cold Stone Floors."

It is Merthur (rated R), and the main characters are Merlin, Gwen and Arthur. It's the best non-mpreg I've ever read where Merlin and Arthur have a child together!

Summary: Guinevere and Arthur are happily married, but Gwen can't have a child. Merlin has found a spell which requires true love to produce a child, and they decide to do it - and Gwen gets pregnant. Only we soon learn that the true love which the child is made from isn't between Gwen and Arthur, but rather between Arthur and Merlin!

What will Gwen do when she finds out the child isn't hers? What will Merlin do? And what about Arthur? Hopefully this trailer gives you a hint, but you need to go read the actual fic. It is so brilliant, you don't want to miss this one!

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