The SAINTS TOUR is a site-specific play in the form of a walking or bus tour. It moves through an unsung neighborhood, transforming it as it travels, excavating its secrets and sub rosa magic. It can happen in any city or country; for each location, the playwright rewrites the play in response to the place’s unique cultural, environmental, historical, and musical identity.

The SAINTS TOUR is led by a "Tour Guide" character (a local actor) who tells stories of “saints” that have inhabited the city, layering real and invented local history as she traverses her own personal journey. Along the way, audiences encounter local musicians and artists embedded in the landscape. The theme of the TOUR is that Saints lurk quietly in every corner of the world, performing acts of good whether we notice or not; and the play encourages its participants to do the same. The audience must perform a specified Act of Good to complete the narrative, and each Tour ends with a shared meal at a local soup kitchen.

The first SAINTS TOUR appeared in Louisville, KY’s Live Oaks neighborhood in 2009-- this video features footage from that show. The second occurred in NYC’s West Village in 2010, with Taylor Mac as the Tour Guide. The next Tour happened in Lower Manhattan in 2012, as part of the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council's River to River Festival. In the works: Saints Tours in Augusta GA, Austin TX, San Francisco CA, and New Orleans.

Video created by Michelle Memran, with Morgan Jenness.

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