Laxmi Ramasubramanian
Hunter College and President, University Consortium for Geographic Information Science
"The University's Role in Fostering Spatial Citizenship"

Geographic Information Science (GIS) concepts and tools facilitate spatial reasoning and problem solving. For many of us, GIS is a practical technology that helps to improve our day-to-day lives. In recent years, GIS for everyday uses has become invisible and ubiquitous. Yet, GIS, when used as part of planning and decision support systems, offers much more capability and promise, a promise that has not yet been fully tapped.

In this presentation, I will discuss three themes:

+ that spatial reasoning and problem solving is vital for civic engagement and democratic decision-making;
+ that colleges and universities should expand the reach of GIS across disciplinary and departmental boundaries; and,
+ that economic development trends indicate that GIS education holds great promise for students and aspiring GIS professionals, if we provide our students with the right mix of skills and expertise.

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