New York media artist Peter Burr presents SPECIAL EFFECT, his newest mash-up of live music, video, and staged theatrics. In this performance, Burr becomes the live ‘presenter’ of an imaginary television show featuring fresh new works from the underground animation label Cartune Xprez. These video segments are all inspired by the Zone, the site of an unnamed cataclysm in Andrei Tarkovsky’s 1979 sci-fi film Stalker. The Zone is off-limits, forbidding and mysterious; but also pregnant with hope, for deep within the Zone, it is rumoured, there exists a room where wishes may be granted.

Special Effect includes video pieces by:
James Duesing
Amy Lockhart
Yoshi Sodeoka
Billy Grant
Michael Bell-Smith
Ola Vasiljeva
Jacob Ciocci
Andrew Benson
Jeff Kriksciun
Chad VanGaalen
Philippe Blanchard
Luke Painter
Brandon Blommaert
Stu Hughes
Michael Robinson
Sabrina Ratté
Brenna Murphy

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