Sharing her photographic collage series, "Imagining Then," with PhotoWings, Brigitte Carnochan discusses her photograph, "Time Like a River," and reads a poem she wrote about the experience of reconnecting with her estranged father. "Imagining Then" was undertaken in order for her to process the emotions brought on by confronting a family history she only became aware of as an adult.

Brigitte was born in Germany during the Second World War. Her parents separated when she was three. While fighting for Nazi Germany, her father was captured by American troops and remained estranged from her until 1976. Shortly after the war, she and her mother immigrated to the US to begin a new life. When Brigitte was 35, her father finally made contact with her. After reconnecting to her birth father and her family, she spent the next 10 years trying to understand and interpret what she learned. "Imagining Then" was the product of her journey.

Brigitte Carnochan is a well-respected fine art photographer and an articulate educator, currently teaching at Stanford University. In "Imagining Then," she shares her uniquely personal story in words and memories through a collaged tapestry of historically relevant Platinum Palladium photographs. Acting as much of a historian as an artist, Brigitte takes the odds and ends of old photographs and documents and joins them together to create a richer, meaningful narrative of her family history.

PhotoWings' mission is to highlight and help facilitate the power of photography to influence the world. We help photography to be better understood, created, utilized, seen, and saved.

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