The first 11 minutes of Project Breakwater, in which something comes to Earth, setting off a chain of strange events. Instructions are delivered to a young man named Harlan, and the mysterious death of reporter Sandra Templeton is investigated by Detective Benoit Michaud. Following his other recent discovery, Michaud begins to suspect something more is happening than what first appears...

Featuring actors Matthew Devon Hemans, Luke Marty, David Straus, Sarah Cody, Robert Nolan, Jeff Sinasac, Kanza Feris, Kelly-Marie Murtha, Bonnie Victoria Siu, Gregory Corkum, Kris Law.
Written and Directed by Brian Clement.
DOP Jeff McCormack.
Opening theme score by Jasper Friso.
Digital effects work by Beth Mally and Rob Hunt.
Some stock music elements by Kevin MacLeod of

Project Breakwater Official Site:

Copyright 2011 Handsome Robot Pictures

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