French for "Liberty, equality, fraternity (brotherhood)", is the national motto of France, and is a typical example of a tripartite motto. Although it finds its origins in the French Revolution, it was then only one motto among others and was not really institutionalized until the Third Republic at the end of the 19th century.

This motto still does not apply today in France towards autistic people and people with a disability in general.

Translation of the song:

Look at you, wounded from lack of love.
Don’t you see you deserve to be looked after more?
Don’t reject who you are, wounded
You've been around for a while
Tell yourself you are important
That you have your place
Give yourself what you deserve.

To be understood within the context of the current video as:

Hey France, look are your wounded people
Struggling from lack love and care
Don’t reject them, don’t reject who they are
They have been here all along, silent and hidden
Tell your people they are important at once
That they have their place in your country
Give them what they deserve and what you truly aspire for

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