Inspired by an on-set exchange I had with the lead actor of a film I was working on Summer 2012.
The scene:
Tiny set + hot lights+ way too many people + the dog days of summer = really really fucking hot. Some of the guys on the crew take off their shirts, wipe the sweat from their bodies, put shirts back on, etc.
This lead actor is also shirtless. While we're in between takes, I say to him with some envy, "Wish I could take off my shirt like that and not lose respect / become a spectacle."
Him: Yeah, wow. Guess you can't do that, huh?
Me: I think it's bullshit how it's not socially acceptable for women to walk around without their shirts on in the same way men do.
Him: Hmmm, I suppose... but don't you think that would kind of ruin breasts for men? You know, make them less exciting?
In other words: Please don't destroy my fetish.
your fetish = my body.

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