With 2 and a half years of research and testing, we have finally produced a pair of wooden framed sunglasses with a new aesthetic, shape, and materiality. The lens's are made out of recyclable plastic, and the frames are made 100 percent out of wood. The wood we used is called Tilia Japonica, a light wood that grows locally all over Japan. What makes these glasses unique is the varnish. It is coated with Urushi, which is a natural material obtained from an urushi tree.

Production: Sheyen Ikeda
Design: Sheyen Ikeda, Tetsuji Hosono, Han Wang, Irene Hsu, Hisashi Yamaguchi, Bruce Levin, Tatsuya Ikeda
Featuring: Emi Takahashi
Music: Atsumi Yukihiro

Sponsor: Rei Shirako, Francine Ikeda (francineenglish.com)



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