Firstly, Airopack wishes you a Merry Christmas
and all the best for 2013!

Here at Airopack we cAIRe not just about the environment but also the things that happen in our world. This Christmas we don't just want to emphasize our environmental standpoint
but we also want to put our best foot forward on the humanitarian front.

This year we are supporting the great Sjaki-Tari-Us foundation. The purpose of Sjaki-Tari-Us is to support, counsel and accompany children with a mental disability in their development and participation in society under the motto 'Not less, but differently gifted!'

Sjaki-Tari-Us is established to mobilize Dutch resources, knowledge and expertise and put these at the disposal of parents, teachers, counselors and other interested parties on Bali. The mission of the foundation is to transfer the resources in a way that in future they can apply and transfer this knowledge themselves.

This year we have a Facebook Initiative, when our Facebook page get 500 likes or more, then we will make a donation of € 2,500 to Sjaki-Tari-Us!
"A like on Facebook costs you nothing but can make a big change"!

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