This video shows me and my family's annual Christmas get-together in Stockton, CA in Auntie Sharon's house. We had LOTS of food, games, fun, fellowships, and just simply a great time with family/friends!

Firstly, the video first shows a few photos during the road trip from home to Stockton. We first stopped by Auntie Sharon's house to drop off the food and such. The lovely Christmas Eve sunset was also seen. Then we headed to the Cherokee Memorial Park in Lodi, CA to visit Lolo. It was pretty chilly out.

Afterwards, we all went back to the house and we had like a mini memorial service/session of Lolo. We also watched a memorial video clip of Lolo, made by my sister. (although not shown in video due to copyright reasons). Then we had our heavy Christmas feast! There was also lechon. After dinner, we played around a bit (poor Jeff being trampled by my little cousins lol). The we played Taboo. We had so much fun and laughs. I was in group #2. We won by 2 points, woot!

After playing Taboo, there was a photographing session. Uncle Abe's family had a bit of fun as you can see in the video, haha! Afterwards, it was already nearing 11 p.m. so we started our white elephant game. I got tea and cookies :P

Then midnight was fast approaching. We then began giving out the presents to everyone (after a few pics shown in video). The adults at the same time are playing their own white elephant game in the other room. Then the video shows the kids having too much fun up in the loft hitting Jesse with decorations. Awwww poor Jesse... The kids also were playing tag a tad later.

Finally, coming just a few minutes prior to midnight, we sang a surprise birthday to Auntie Carol. It was her birthday as well!! Then the time ticks down...5...4...3...2..1... MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! It was officially midnight!! We then gathered together and sang Christmas songs. The song sung in the video is, "The 12 Days of Christmas".

At last, my iPhone was needing of a recharge and no outlets was nearby so I improvised and used a set of holiday lights lol. Now that's charging with style! We then tried to make a human Christmas tree during another photoshoot session up in the loft. It was a success haha! The video concludes with a few more photos during our Christmas party here. Merry Christmas everyone!

(Video Filmed on December 24-25, 2012 in Stockton, CA and Lodi, CA)

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