As a finishing & online editor at The Criterion Collection from 2002–2012, I crafted broadcast quality deliverables on hundreds of original video interviews, documentaries & archival materials for DVD, Blu-ray, internet & Hulu. Color grading, conform & restoration work on features in the Collection. Also included are DVD & Blu-ray menus.

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shot list:
Robert Evans on Rosemary's Baby, online editor
James Taylor on Two Lane Blacktop, online editor
Volker Schlöndorff on Tin Drum, online editor
Werner Herzog on Burden of Dreams, online editor
George Lucas on Kagemusha, video editor
Roman Polanski on Rosemary's Baby, online editor
Steven Soderbergh on And Everything Is Going Fine, online editor
Yusuf/Cat Stevens on Harold & Maude, online editor
Ride with the Devil, title sequence restoration
Wes Anderson & Bill Murray on The Darjeeling Limited, online editor
André Wilms on Le Havre, online editor
Peter Falk on A Woman Under the Influence, video editor
Paul Reubens on Life During Wartime, online editor
Antonio Monda, Noah Baumback & Wes Anderson on The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, video editor
Paul Schrader on Tiny Furniture, online editor
Revanche U.S. theatrical trailer, video editor
Kirk Acevedo on The Thin Red Line, online editor
Spike Lee on Ace in the Hole, video editor
Videodrome Blu-ray menu, design
Welcome to, video editor
Godzilla, King of the Monsters, color grade
Francis Ford Coppola on Kagemusha, video editor
The Beals Of Grey Gardens, online editor & colorist
John Hodgman & John Malcovich on Being John Malcovich, online editor
Ron Pearlman on Cronos, online editor
Everlasting Moments Blu-ray menu, design
Onibaba DVD menu, design
Mia Farrow on Rosemary's Baby, online editor
Guillermo del Toro on Cronos, online editor
Badlands, title sequence restoration
Haskell Wexler on Days of Heaven, online editor
The Beals of Grey Gardens, title sequence design
Lena Dunham & Nora Ephron on Tiny Furniture, online editor
Michael Kenneth Williams on Life During Wartime, online editor
Edward James Olmos on ¡Alambrista!, online editor

Music is Ping Island/Lightining Strike Rescue Op from the The Life Aquatic Soundtrack.

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