Josephine Sowden graduated from the BA(Hons) Photographic Art in June 2012, since then her work has received considerable attention. She has been selected for a number of significant shows and awards including the 'Catlin Guide', 'The Platform Commission', 'Platform 2012' @ The Bristol Diving School, 'Videoholica', 'Graduate 2012' @ WMC Cardiff and the 'Aesthetica Art Prize'.

The Lilies of the Field

From the age we learn to speak, two voices are born…one is an inner stream of thought; a relentless inner dialogue which is obsessed with dwelling over the past and fretting over the future; it is the cause of anxiety, worry, depression, angst and low self-worth…still, this voice is our norm, our ‘identity’, why should we even consider distrusting it?

Living such mind-based lives has created a huge drift to occur between humans and nature. The planet is now in turmoil. The artist is investigating the current need for a worldwide shift in human consciousness. To become fully conscious is achievable by anyone, but for centuries this ability has been lost under layers of thinking and analyzing which have arrived alongside the human condition to be fully identified with the mind. An inner flowering is necessary before an outer transformation can occur.

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