A short animation by Harriet Farren, with Tyler O'Toole, made for the YCN LEGO brief.
Meet Tyler, he is 10, and loves LEGO (Almost as much as I do).

This is Tyler's LEGO creation. Watch it come to life! Fancy seeing one of your ideas in animation? Leave a comment below with your LEGO Creation.

What will you make with LEGO?
For more information on the brief: ycn.org/awards/ycn-student-awards/2012-2013/briefs/lego#.UNTeqaWLKZg
Follow LEGO on twitter: twitter.com/LEGO_Group
Or you can follow me on twitter: twitter.com/bearfarren
And if you like Tumblr? bearfarren.tumblr.com

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