As I'm still learning to become comfortable with Thinking Particles, I'm trying to figure things out that I'm already comfy with using Particle Flow. I saw this video right here: and it looks awesome. I was most curious about using a texture to drive particles into a new group or just to effect them in general; which was done in the video initially.

Although the movement isn't graceful in my clip, I was more interested in the logistics of the method. I asked for help on CG Society here:

Basically it required me to take the color value of the underlying surface and hold it into memory, then have a condition that checks against the color value. Although I'm new to TP and don't have much to stand on, I don't like that it's so convoluted of a process to do things using a texture; Especially because it's something I would do all the time and not a rare-case scenario deal.

The rest of the fracturing is done using VolumeBreaker by a velocity threshold that sends them into a new group like in the linked video.

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