This video shows the Dark Tent installation from Figment Boston 2010 by Aurelio Ramos and Kedaar Kumar.

There are two installation pieces inside of the tent. The first one, Mirror Tiles, consists of a projector (and screen), a laptop running a custom program written in Processing, and a webcam, which is a live feed of the participant(s) standing in front of the screen. The image appears as just the mirror image of the participant(s) but is, in fact, a grid of tiles which react and "flip" or invert as the participant(s) moves around the field of view of the camera. In addition to altering the image, musical notes in a scale are triggered as each tile in the image flips. This piece represents spacial distortion.

The second piece, Continue-umm, represents temporal distortion and consists of projector (and screen!), one laptop running VDMX and Ableton Live, one laptop running a custom program written in Processing for tracking the participant(s), one webcam for a live feed of the participant(s) standing in front of the screen, and one webcam overhead for tracking the participant(s). The live feed is run through four delay lines in VDMX so multiple layers at different time intervals of the participant(s) appear on the screen. As the participant(s) move around, they are tracked and MIDI notes are generated and piped from Processing to VDMX to control the delay times of each delay line and through Ableton to trigger different musical clips.

Thanks to everyone who made it out to the first annual Figment Boston!!!

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