To thwart the system is a easy thing to say.
It is impossible for me to work agains the system. I would like to but it doesn't suit me. Because of this my friends see me like a coward, a person who does not take any risks . Inside of me there is a know developing. Im a sponge, who laps everything up, but sometimes I have to release myself.

Director: Wilson Verstreken
Assistant Director: Magali Daems
Director of Photography: Kanter Constandse
Sound: Peter Neyt
Composed by: A. Taylor
Music by: Airvalue, Bassbin Jim, Datsik
Supervisor: Sarah De Keyzer

Thanks to everyone who supported me during this period.

Color Graded and edit by: Wilson Verstreken
Note: Please put Subwoofer on, and play loud

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