A Double Image Both in Focus Simultaneously
Two channel DVD
Trt: 6:00
This two-channel video installation (which includes a miniature landscape and text-based wall piece) premiered summer 2001 as a solo show at Julia Friedman Gallery in Chicago. Part I features a 3:00 minute DVD loop projected edge to edge on a hand built 6’x 8’ screen (this screen is practical for the projection and refers to a theatre set). The screen is situated on the floor and re-enforced from the back by large wood planks. The projection appears to float within the space. The image is a simple montage sequence assembled from documentary footage shot at a high school swim meet in central Ohio. Inside the natatorium, young women embody an awkward self-concern that is both curious and profound. The girls seem painfully aware of being watched—watched specifically by each other rather than a camera or the competitions’ spectators. This piece features music by a Belgian duo called Aix Em Klemm.
The second part of this piece features another simple montage. It is a 6:00 minute dramatized sequence from a day in the life of teenage boy. The piece is screened on a 9” monitor which is situated on the floor to illuminate a tiny (HO scale) high school parking lot and surrounding green space. Aix Em Klemm composed the soundtrack for this piece as well.
Both Scenes unfold slowly. We are able to watch the figures move across the screens stumbling beautifully. They are portraits of a type of youth—youth remembered, denied, embraced and rejected simultaneously (referring to the title perhaps). These two pieces are cinematic and seem to offer an alternative to the uncomplicated images of, Middle American youth contemporarily produced for popular consumption. Here, the audience is asked to contemplate and fetishize both and equally.
One additional element included is a text-based wall piece. Resembling overstuffed letter-sweater letters, a sentence reads: LAST NIGHT I WENT TO FUCKED UP AGAIN AND I REALIZED THAT IT IS ALWAYS THE SAME PLACE JUST WITH DIFFERENT DRIVERS

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