This is a Christmas Story. A very, very special Christmas Special.
This is about sexting.
This is about the way contemporary relationships are mitigated by technology.
This is about being a single woman, and what I am willing to give up for the attention of men.
This is about being a performer creating a specific ritualistic act, while refusing to conceal the awareness that I am performing for the camera, breaking the fourth wall. This work acknowledges the presence of the other woman in the room who made the work possible, her responses to the work in progress, as well as the nature of our relationship with each other.

The food is from my kitchen, and in a very literal way will become my body, this is after all a Christmas Story. The props were selected randomly from a production of A Very Special Christmas Special which was staged outside my studio. I started finding mail boxes in and near the Susquehanna River when I moved to Pennsylvania, most likely victims of the September 2011 flood.

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