WE ALL MIGHT MAKE IT explores the value in creating music with--and without--the pressures associated with 'making it big.' Through the lives of six individuals whose stories are interwoven around a yearly music festival called Fauxchella, we begin to see the necessary role that creativity plays in our lives.

When the desire to make instead of consume takes a central place, when judgment and critique are removed from the equation, and when music is given the space to flourish, 'making it' becomes secondary to the joys of the process. As we get to know these teachers, nurses, desk jockeys and freelancers, we discover that music finds a way to filter through all the chatter and white noise and self-doubt that often plague expressive pursuits.

In the end, these diverse lives are united by their love of music and by their passion to create--regardless of the outcome.

For more information visit: weallmightmakeit.com

or: facebook.com/weallmightmakeit

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