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MOREAU is a suspense film that follows a hunter in search of the perfect prey. In his experience he has found that the animals the world provides are not the challenge they used to be. Animals lack the courage, cunningness and reasoning that Moreau possesses, and therefore, are not a real challenge. His pursuit for this challenge has brought him to the point where he is today, hunting the only creature that parallels his abilities: human kind.

Our story follows a particular pair of Moreau’s hunted: two strong women attempting to survive in the mountains of central Pennsylvania. To survive, they must constantly change tactics, adapt to their surroundings, and stay one step ahead of their hunter. Can they outlive their hunter? Can they circumvent a menagerie of traps their hunter has set before them? Can they themselves kill to keep from being killed?

Moreau is the first feature length film produced by Poke The Bear Productions, LLC, and was filmed in central Pennsylvania. The story is from the mind of writer/director Christopher James Cramer and producers Joanna Haffner and Nicholas John Lansberry.

Featuring Theodore Bouloukos, Jasmine Brotzman, Joanna Haffner and Gigi Cappetta.

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